About Sonovision Studios

South Africa’s longest standing audio post-production company

Home to some of South Africa’s most talented sound engineers, Johannesburg-based Sonovision Studios is committed to getting the right sound, whatever it takes.

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The SonoVision Story

Founded more than fifty years ago, Sonovision Studios began its journey producing classic radio programs and well-crafted commercials. First established as the go-to audio post-production company in South Africa, Sonovision Studios has evolved with the times to become a leading turnkey audio production service provider for film, television, radio, digital productions and podcasts.

Getting the right sound, whatever it takes

Our four state-of-the art recording studios have been designed and acoustically treated by professional sound architects. Equipped with the latest world-class hardware, and internationally recognised Avid Pro-Tools audio software, Sonovision Studios is the audio post-production company that goes the extra mile to provide top talent and facilities that support your creative ideas, production deadlines and budgets.

More than a century combined experience

Enjoy the pleasure of working with a team of professional and passionate sound engineers, with more than 100 years of collective experience.

Limitless audio and talent resources

Our decades in the audio business gives you the competitive advantage. Get access to an extensive sound effects library, a wide range of mics, and partnerships with leading sound artists.

Premium comfort and inspired experiences

No more dark and dingy recording studios. Sonovision Studios proudly offers your team warm and spacious, fully catered studios to inspire creativity and energy.

Flexible solutions for all projects

Let us know what you need, and our production team will get to work sourcing flexible solutions to suit your project timeline and budget.

Sonovision Team

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