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Recover and restore audio

Our state-of-the-art tools and techniques allow us to reduce or eliminate a wide range of unwanted noise. We’ll even restore old or damaged recordings, bringing them back to life and preserving them for years to come.

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We know background noise isn’t in the script

Background noise can be distracting and reduce the overall quality of an audio recording, making it harder to understand the dialog and resulting in listening fatigue.

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Dialog recorded on location often suffers from electrical hums, echo, reverb, or other unwanted background sounds.

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Archive footage that is of historical value suffers from broadband noise and artifacts.

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Sometimes you just have a poor recording that cannot be re-recorded and needs to be rescued!

Professional audio restoration services

Our restoration techniques involve careful analysis and spectral repair of audio waveforms to restore them as close to their original quality as possible, while using noise reduction to get rid of unwanted background noise.

Restore old recordings

old recordings

Restore and preserve old archive audio with confidence using new technologies to improve clarity and intelligibility.

Analog transfers


Transfer from vinyl or cassette to digital audio formats to preserve recordings while also removing unwanted artifacts.

Forensic investigations


Isolate individual sounds within a recording, such as voiceprints or background noise, to validate evidence or improve clarity.

Post production audio restoration

Post-production audio restoration

Rescue noisy dialog recorded on location. Our sound engineers can remove broadband noise, hums and even reverb to reduce the amount of ADR required on a project.

Get polished sound on poor recordings

We can help you enhance and preserve vintage audio recordings, remove unwanted noise from production sound, rescue failed recordings and isolate dialog for forensic investigations.

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Work with experienced sound engineers for the best results

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An extensive toolset to remove noise, hums, distortion and other artifacts

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Improve poorly recorded audio that cannot be re-recorded
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Save post-production costs by cleaning up dialog recorded on location

Other Audio Post-Production Services

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