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Create authentic audio experiences

Enhance realism, establish atmosphere and convey emotion with high-quality sound effects, foley recordings and an experienced team of sound engineers. Sonovision Studios helps you create an authentic environment for your film, television or radio advertisement.

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Get awesome audio that brings your project to life

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An extensive library of authentic sounds and an experienced team of sound engineers

Sonovision’s extensive sound effects library, which has been established over a period of 40 years, will enhance your production with over 1TB of high-quality sound effects including many authentic South African sounds.

Where necessary, our experienced sound engineers can re-record and mix foley sounds with the other sound elements to create a cohesive and authentic soundtrack that enhances the viewer’s overall experience.

Amplify your production with high-quality sound effects

The choice and use of sound effects play an important role in creating an authentic environment for listeners (or viewers) to experience. The right sound effects can significantly enhance the realism of a scene, evoke emotion and keep the audience engaged.

High end facilities

High-end facilities

Our experienced team and world-class facilities ensure superior audio quality.

High quality authentic sound effects

High-quality authentic sound effects

Sonovision’s extensive sound effects library has been established over a period of 40 years, including many authentic South African sounds.

Professional foley recording

Professional foley recording

Enhance the realism and authenticity of a scene by providing tailor-made audio cues that correspond to the actions taking place on screen.

Finish strong with a soundtrack to be proud of

You’ve already come this far. Don’t let poor sound effects ruin your film by disrupting the audience’s immersion in the story, distracting them from the on-screen action, and detracting from the overall quality of the production.

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Get authentic sound effects without compromising on quality

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Use world-class facilities to ensure your production is of an international standard

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Breathe life into your project by working with a team that can interpret your vision

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Deliver your production with confidence in its creative quality

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